By the time the deadline expires, Netanyahu is failing to form a government


The Israeli Prime Minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu, 71, failed to form a government, with the expiration of the deadline granted to him to accomplish this task. Netanyahu – the head of the right-wing Likud party – was unable to obtain a majority of 61 out of 120 in the Knesset (parliament) needed to form a government.

On Tuesday, the 28-day deadline granted by law to the person in charge of forming the government expired, which could be extended for two weeks with the approval of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported that Netanyahu re-entrusted the formation of the government to Rivlin, while a statement by the Israeli president’s spokesman said that the latter would continue tomorrow morning with the political blocs regarding the continuing efforts to form the government.

“The 28-day period stipulated in the Basic Law of Government, which was at the disposal of Prime Minister MK Benjamin Netanyahu to form the government, expired in the middle of the night,” the president’s spokesman added. Government formation. ”

For his part, an official source in the Likud party told the official Kan channel that the party’s chances of forming a government are non-existent, indicating that they will not demand an extension from the president.

In a final attempt, Netanyahu made an appeal to Naftali Bennett, leader of the “Right” party, to join him to form a government that both of them would rotate to preside, and Netanyahu wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “Naftali, prove that you are a right-wing man.”

Likud said in a tweet, “After Bennett refused to commit to a right-wing government, which would have definitely led to the formation of a government with the addition of other Knesset members, Prime Minister Netanyahu returned the mandate to the president.”

Netanyahu is the longest serving prime minister of Israel by about 15 years, and on May 24, his trial began on charges of breach of trust, fraud and bribery in 3 cases of corruption.

The Israeli president is expected to assign the leader of the opposition and the “There is a Future” party, Yair Lapid, to form a government within 28 days.

Israeli law stipulates that in the event that the second person in charge of forming the government fails, the president will return the assignment to the Knesset, which must either submit a written recommendation for a deputy who has the support of at least 61, or call new elections.

During the past two years, Israel witnessed 4 parliamentary elections, in light of intense polarization and intense differences between the parties.

Israeli media say the failure to form a government could lead to a fifth election soon.

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