Blood coded messages to the mountain and the people of Choueifat …


“Lebanon Debate” – Walid Khoury In light of the third year anniversary of the martyrdom of the slain Alaa Abu Farag and the pain, tears and sacrifices this testimony bears, sources in the town of Choueifat were amazed, keen to reject sedition and adhere to coexistence, and to place this crime in the custody of the state and its security and judicial agencies, how the memory of this tragic event coincided.

The sources said, “On May 7, 2021, after the Ramadan Iftar in Khaldeh on Friday, and at a camouflaged invitation from the agent called Rami Mahmoud on behalf of the original called Amin al-Suqi, the main accused in the crime of Choueifat, in the presence of each of the gentlemen, the official of the Mount Lebanon region in Hezbollah, Haji Bilal Dagher, Commissioner The interior of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Liwa Jaber, the head of the Choueifat Department in the Democrat, Rashad Abi Faraj, in addition to Wassim Abi Faraj, Liwa Abi Farag, Riad Naim and the pharmacist Talal Al-Jardi.

The sources pointed out that “this breakfast, in its timing and content, carries many messages and questions. Of course, we will not ask His Highness Prince Talal Arslan about what is happening in the vicinity of his home. The near and far knows that the Mir is outside the framework of influencing the market and his connections, but legitimate questions start first with the concerned authorities and the Lebanese judiciary, especially Judge Ghada Aoun, who is just conducting campaigns and raids on the women who transferred Lebanese money abroad.The sources asked: “Why not withdraw in their raids on wanted persons in crimes that have shaken Lebanon, such as the crime of Choueifat and Khaldeh, and why is the file of the martyr Alaa still stuck in the drawers of her office for three years and the accused arrives and wanders around organizing breakfasts and celebrating concerts in full view of the security forces and the concerned agencies.”

And the sources added, “As for the most prominent question for Hezbollah, in the form, what does the party do with this breakfast, does it sponsor reconciliation between its associates and its deposits, and what is meant here is Amin al-Suqi and Liwa Jaber, or does he announce victory over the Arab tribes in Khaldeh after the painful events of which he was killed?” The slain martyr Hassan Ghosn, “stressing that the timing of the meeting coincides with the memory of the martyr Alaa, close to the memory of 11 May and a few meters away from the house of martyr Hassan Ghosn, which has much more serious connotations than the incidents of Choueifat and Khaldeh.

The sources concluded, “Whatever addresses the camouflaged meeting with a Ramadan Iftar, its political and security content carries with it many blood-coded messages to the mountain in general and to the people of Choueifat and Khaldeh in particular.”


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