Bin Salman is a potential owner … why does selling Manchester United seem more difficult than we think?


A question that has been asked a lot recently ..

Manchester United fans are calling on all city streets and inside Old Trafford Stadium to sell the owners the “Glazers” to the club as soon as possible in order not to continue the sinking suffered after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

At present, Manchester United currently owns six children of the late former owner Malcolm Glazer: Avram, Joel, Kevin, Brian, Darcy and Edward Glazer. Malcolm Glazer acquired a majority stake in the club in 2005 through the investment company Red Football.

When he died in May 2014 after a long illness from a stroke, the controlling share was divided 90 percent among the six Glazers, and now everyone is waiting for the sale, but the question is, why does it seem so difficult? And who is a candidate to buy the club if it is actually sold?


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