Biden expresses his “support for the ceasefire” in a call with Netanyahu


Washington, USA (CNN) – Express US President, Joe Biden On his support for the ceasefire between the Israelis and the Palestinians, in a phone call he had with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The White House indicated that Biden also discussed with Netanyahu the American role with Egypt and other partners towards reaching a halt shooting, In a statement that is the first of its kind in which the White House mentioned a ceasefire in this situation.

Two US administration sources revealed in a statement to CNN that President Biden has not yet explicitly called for a ceasefire.

The White House confirmed, on Monday, that it was pursuing “quiet and intense” diplomacy to stop the violence in the Middle East, amid calls from Democrats and international allies to speak with “greater force” about the escalation.

On Monday, White House spokeswoman Jane Saki confirmed that these efforts are more effective than public calls for a ceasefire.


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