Beware, old smartphones are vulnerable to piracy


Follow-up _ Nour Njeim:

Sergey Kuzmenko, chief specialist in testing digital products for Ross Katchstvo, confirmed that old smartphones expose their owners to risks such as piracy.

He said: “A timely update of the mobile operating system, in addition to all the applications on the phone in general, is necessary to protect yourself from potential security vulnerabilities. With the passage of time, and with the emergence of new use cases and research, both developers and hackers find more vulnerabilities.

The longer a person uses an old phone, the more vulnerable they are to fraudsters. Smartphone performance also decreases, because over time, more and more resources (memory and processor) are required to perform normal tasks.

The Russian expert adds, “At the same time, you do not need to update the operating system except from the official application store, and in no way do you need to download updates from incomprehensible sources, and this may lead to malware infiltration, which can steal personal information and payment information on your phone.”

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