Behind my file, he publishes an exciting snapshot of Hamdallah with the referee of the Al-Wehda match … and comments: Views of our stadiums deform!


Sports Observatory: The media person published a video clip behind two files that included an interesting shot, Praise be to God, with the referee of his team’s match against Al-Wehda.

The file commented on the video and wrote: “Unfortunately !! This movement from (the star!) Hamdallah is a disregard, challenge and insult to the ruler Abdullah Al-Harbi (lowered) his head !! It is an extension of the (wiping camera) incident and its aftermath with a tender punishment from the Discipline and Ethics Committee !! Scenes that distort our stadiums, with the weakness of the personality of some of the referees and the slackening of the committees.

He continued: The penalty kick was wrong by Walid Abdullah, and it is clear and explicit and with the consensus of analysts. These behaviors serve the team.


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