Basem Yakhour confirms his victory over the Corona virus


Syrian artist Basem Yakhour announced that he had recovered from the Corona virus, through a photo he posted on his Instagram account.

The well-known Syrian star with the role of Joudeh Abu Khamis in the “Dayaa Dayaa” series, said: “My loved ones, I am fine, my affairs are good, and they have recovered completely. Thank you from the heart for all your concern and love.”

The Syrian artist indicated in a TV interview that he had contracted the virus two days after the end of filming the series on a hot plate, which is shown in the current Ramadan season and plays the character Hilal.

Basim said that he praises God because his injury came after the completion of filming the work, because if it had happened during it, it would have hindered its filming and display.

He indicated that he had fully recovered from the disease, after going through difficult days during his injury.

It is noteworthy that the series Ali Saneh Hot has achieved a great viewership, and won the admiration of followers who praised the story of the work and the stars participating in it.


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