Barcelona News: “Messi Grill” puts Barcelona under the guillotine of sanctions


Lionel Messi – Barcelona – La Liga

Sport 360 – The Spanish League has opened a disciplinary file against him F.C.BBecause of his players violating measures to prevent the Corona virus, as Lionel Messi organized a barbecue on Monday evening, and all the players attended Barca.

Lionel Messi hosted all his colleagues yesterday evening, Monday, to raise their spirits before facing Atlético Madrid next Saturday in the Spanish League, and although this step won the approval of the fans of the Catalan team, it prompted the League to express its dissatisfaction with the violation of the Corona virus protocol.

An investigation was opened into the Barcelona players’ dinner at Messi’s home:

According to the Spanish newspaper “Sport”, the League will open a file against Barcelona players, because they violated the protocol by attending the barbecue party at Messi’s house.

The newspaper added: “The meeting of Barcelona players at Messi’s house violates the La Liga protocol, which does not allow for more than 6 people to meet, and also violates the health protocol, which prohibits large meetings at home until the state of alert ends on May 9.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona confirmed that the team did not violate the rules established to prevent the Corona virus at any time, stressing that the team’s players form one group that actually coexists during training sessions in the Sports City and the safety distance and spacing were respected during the ceremony organized by Messi.

The club confirmed that the presence of the players’ girlfriends and their wives during the Messi party was not a problem because they formed small, divergent groups.

This is the first time that Lionel Messi has hosted all Barcelona players at his home, and this can be explained by the captain’s commitment to his teammates, before the important confrontation against Atletico Madrid.

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