Barcelona is disappointed .. Neymar took advantage of the negotiations to raise his salary


On Sunday morning, the Catalan radio station RAK1 revealed the disappointment of Barcelona club officials after Brazilian Neymar extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, as officials feel that the Brazilian star is exploiting their negotiations to raise his salary with his current club.

And one of the summer transfer stories ended in the last two years at least, when Neymar extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025, as media revealed that the former Barcelona player would receive 30 million euros a year in exchange for bonuses for winning the Champions League.

The famous radio said: Barcelona officials met with Neymar in Paris a month ago, and they spent nearly a day with some of them to discuss the matter of his return to the team that left him in 2017, and he told them that he wanted to wear the Barcelona shirt again and did not wish to continue with Paris because he did not find that The project located in the club of the French capital holds a lot of hope.

She continued: Barcelona officials were shocked on Saturday when the Parisian club announced the extension of Neymar’s contract, as they were disappointed and also felt that the Brazilian player used the negotiations in order to get more from his current club.

Neymar was a player with Barcelona between 2013-2017 before moving to Paris Saint-Germain in exchange for breaking his contract amounting to 222 million euros in the most expensive transfer deal in football history.


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