Baladi is a dangerous loophole threatening the confidentiality of data in the new Apple computers in the country


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A version of macOS systems intended for new Apple computers is exposed to a serious vulnerability discovered by information security experts Jamf in the recently launched macOS Big Sur 11.4 version of the operating systems, which Apple has proven, announcing its knowledge of this vulnerability and that it is working to patch its computer software to maintain confidentiality Data of its users.

New Apple computers face pirates:

Experts at Jamf explained that the vulnerability, which bears the code CVE-2021-30713, could be exploited by XCSSET software to access Safari software on Apple laptops, and to control the permissions to install software for developers, according to Russia Today.

Taking screenshots of users’ computers:

Experts warned of the seriousness of the matter, stressing that the loophole enables Internet hackers to install programs that can access permissions to take screenshots of users’ computers while browsing the Internet, and may be exploited to gain access to permissions to run computer microphones to spy on computer owners as well.

Previously, information security experts warned of the discovery of two symbolic software vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-30663 and CVE-2021-30665) that could compromise Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD software.

Features of the new macOS update:

According to technology experts, the new version of macOS 11.3 from Camel It brought with it many new features, and most importantly, it came with updates that address previously discovered serious software vulnerabilities that could have been exploited to hack computer data.
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