Aws al-Sharqi: “No roaming” is a difficult experience … and diversity has brought it into the trend


The Iraqi director Aws Al-Sharqi attributed the success of the Saudi series No Walk to the star, Nasser Al-Qasabi, to the state of diversity witnessed by science, both at the level of authorship, directing and even actors, describing each episode as a movie that discusses a specific issue.

Al-Sharqi asserted in his interview with “Al-Ru’ya” that the reason for most of the episodes that he directed directed to reach the trend on Social Media is that there is a state of harmony between the members of the work team, stressing that there is a special chemistry that brings him together with Al-Qasabi, who cooperated with him in 5 works in recent years.

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He described the Iraqi director, “No curfew”, as a difficult experience On the productive level, especially with the multiplicity of filmmakers, and the continuation of the pandemic, which imposed challenges on them Great for keeping staff healthy and safe.

How did you follow the success of “No Curfew”, whether on television or through social media?

I think that the diversity of the stories of the series “No Walker” helped obtain these good echoes and great follow-up from the audience, especially as we present in each episode a completely different topic, with the participation of different stars. There is no doubt that all this diversity of ideas and production momentum is led by Maestro Nasser Al-Qasabi. It was the cause of a massive public follow-up to the work.

Some episodes of “No curfew” have reached the trend, while others have been criticized by fans and critics .. What is your comment?

It is very natural for the level of some episodes to vary, some of them are distinguished and have a wide public and media resonance, and others are medium, and this is the nature of this type of separate comedy series, so its beauty and strength is that it surprises us with the rise of episodes to the summit, so it reaps an interaction that we did not expect like it.

How do you see the success of most of the episodes that you directed at the public level?

In fact, I am very happy that the episodes that I directed had a very beautiful resonance, and suffice it to know that most of my episodes are inThe series was “Trend” on social mediain Ramadan، The audience interacted with her very positively, especially as every episode could be considered Like a separate movie, where you discuss a specific issue, with different actors and new characters.

Does technical chemistry and your relationship with Al-Qasabi have a role in this harmony?

I presented with the great Saudi artist Nasser Al-Qasabi a large number of comedies, including the three seasons of the series “Selfie”, as well as the sitcom series “Exit 7”, which was shown last year, and this Ramadan, “No tour”, in which a group of the most important stars of art is participating. Saudi and Gulf. There is no doubt that there is high chemistry between me and the artist Nasser Al-Qasabi by virtue of working together for many years, and also our relationship as friends, I think that all of them contribute to making a very high harmony and agreement between us that appears on the screen to the recipient..

How do you rate your productivity and output experience in “No curfew”?

Very happy with the experience of my fellow filmmakers; Hana Al-Omair, Abdulaziz Al-Shalahi and Musa Al-Thunayan, Those who joined me directed this work, and honestly everyone presented with love episodes Beautiful and different,And A.I think that it is a difficult experience at the production level, especially with the multiplicity of directors, and the conditions for the continuation of the Corona pandemic, as we faced Great challenges to maintain the health and safety of actors and crew, and the time it takes to prepare and move from one house to another, and from one site to another, on a daily basis.

How was the work behind the scenes?

All the work makers made great efforts to get the work out of this distinctive artistic and technical level, as filming in Dubai was carried out in an atmosphere of friendliness, brotherhood and love, and very smoothly, and I did not find any difficulty in dealing with artists, most of them are friends and I have dealt with them before in many works of art , And from them Habib Al-Habib, Rashid Al-Shamrani, Abdul-Ilah Al-Senani, Ilham Ali and Aseel Omran, As for the artist Fayez al-MalikiI was happy to collaborate with him for the first time during the work, and he is a great artist and veteran.


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