Availability of the “Clubhouse” application on the Android operating system


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Posted in: Monday May 10, 2021 – 8:27 AM | Last update: Monday, May 10, 2021 – 8:27 am

The company that owns the popular voice chatting app, Clubhouse, has announced the release of a version of its app for Android users as part of a beta test.
The technical site The Verge stated that the application was used only by users of the iOS operating system.
As of Sunday, Android users can download and install the app via their phones, but they are still unable to use the app without an invitation from an existing user.
The Clubhouse allows users to listen to the conversations live.
After more than a year of exclusivity for iOS, the platform launched an Android app that will be available in beta on Google’s mobile operating system today in the US, allowing users to register and participate in voice chat rooms only.
“Our plan over the next few weeks is to gather feedback from the community, fix any issues we see, and work on adding some final features such as payments and creating groups before rolling them out on a larger scale,” the company said in a blog post.


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