Atletico Madrid survive a goal in a deadly time



Atletico Madrid survive a goal in a deadly time


/Vincent West

Atletico Madrid broke out of the bottleneck in front of its guest Elche (1-0) in the match that took place between them today, Saturday, in the 34th round of the Spanish Football League.

Atletico owes a debt of credit to “Rukhi Blancos” for their victory over Marcos Llorente, who scored his orphan winning goal in the 24th minute of the first half.

Laurenti himself almost caused his team to lose two valuable points, in the calculated killer instead of lost to the match, when playing a ball with his hand inside his team’s penalty area, but fortunately for him, the opponent’s striker, Fidel Chavez, failed to translate it into the equalizer for the owners of the land, where it rebounded His ball is off the left post.

Atletico Madrid raised its score after this victory to 76 points, moving away from the top of the League, 5 points ahead of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​before their matches against Ososuna and Valencia, respectively.

On the other hand, Elche’s balance stopped at 30 points, and he occupies the eighteenth place penultimate on the league table.

Source: RT


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