Assi El-Hillani, on the authority of Jamal Salama: “He used to sing alone in the sky of art now


4:00 pm

Saturday 08 May 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Assi El-Hillani, mourned the late musician Jamal Salama with moving words, as he left our world on Friday, and was buried in the family cemetery in Nasr City.

Al-Hillani wrote, through his Twitter account: “Jamal Salama, an artist singing alone in the sky of clean art, a genius that was not repeated, was a great and creative who enriched the Arab library with the most important works of immortal art, and was an artistic phenomenon in every sense of the word.”

He added, “The departure of Jamal Salama is deplorable news, and it will leave a great void in Arab music … may God have mercy on him and make his resting place in Paradise, to remain God.”

It is worth noting that the musician Jamal Salama was transferred a few days ago to Al-Haram Hospital, after he was infected with the new Corona virus.

Musician Gamal Salama was born in Alexandria on October 5, 1945, and grew up in an artistic family. His father, Hafez Ahmed Salama, was a composer of symphony music, and his brother was a composer and player of the accordion instrument in the Umm Kulthum band, Our Lady of Arab Singing, and the rest of his family were working in the artistic field.

He studied music from a young age and specialized in the piano, then musical composition at the Cairo Conservatory at the Academy of Arts, with an excellent selection of the best Egyptian and foreign professors, and he also studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, from which he obtained the highest degree in musical composition equivalent to a doctorate.

He obtained a diploma from the Higher National Institute of Music from the Cairo Conservatory, worked as a faculty member for the Cairo Conservatoire at the Academy of Arts, and was a member of the Music Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, and led the National Troupe for Folk Art.


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