Aseel Omran responds to criticism of the Ramadan dance scene


After a big controversy on social media, the pioneers of social networking sites shared the artist’s comments Aseel Omran In it, she responds to her criticisms after the spread of her dance clip with the artist Fayez al-Maliki From the series “No Roaming”.

Criticism affects Aseel Omran and Fayez al-Maliki

Aseel commented on the criticism she faced that the public is now criticizing things without verifying and seeing them on their artistic side, stressing that there are many people who prefer to listen and attack before watching, and social media has strongly contributed to that.

She added in press statements that the scene is only comical from the series and serves the dramatic context of the events.

Aseel Omran responds to the criticism

Aseel’s comment came after a wave of harsh criticism that affected the scene and the team, and viewers expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter about the dance scene that was shown during the month of Ramadan.

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