“ARUQA” calls on the Arab world to take advantage of the Saudi model in distance education – Saudi News


The head of the Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education called “ARUQA” Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, a member of the Advisory Committee of the UNESCO Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education; Governments in the Arab world and decision-makers to benefit from the pioneering and successful Saudi model in e-learning and distance education.He praised the Kingdom’s ability to fully transform towards e-learning in its various stages, including the availability of multiple learning resources to respond to the changes imposed by the pandemic, stressing that the Kingdom’s government has succeeded in transforming challenges into opportunities in education, by planning in advance to reduce the effects of the Corona pandemic on the education sector. And students, and equipping the “Madrasati platform” with its services and tools for evaluation in accordance with the quality standards of e-learning, and providing teachers with the opportunity to conduct and monitor tests to ensure their results.

He explained that what helped achieve this great success for e-learning and distance education in Saudi Arabia is the clarity of vision for the Saudi Ministry of Education, and work to develop clear standards for e-learning, to include standards for agencies and standards for the programs used, in order to achieve interaction, justice, and easy access to learning resources And clear mechanisms of measurement and evaluation, pointing to the efforts of the National Center for E-Learning to set regulations and quality standards in the field of e-learning in Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that the Arab world is required to create new types of learning to keep pace with global changes, and to enable our students to have at least the skills imposed by the transformations of the current century, including artificial intelligence, digital learning and innovation.


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