Art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi: This is the problem of the artist Mohamed Ramadan – Thought and Art – stars and celebrities


Art critic Tarek El Shennawy revealed the problem that he believes is the cause of the raging battles around the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan.

Al-Shennawi said, during his meeting yesterday evening with the media, Amira Badr on the “Al-Shams” channel, that Ramadan has a problem that can be summed up in one sentence: “And from the trend he has not been killed,” explaining that he is fond of the “trend” and commits follies and enters into free battles..

Regarding the controversy raised by the series “Musa” about the personality of the late artist Ismail Yassin, Tariq asked: “Why do I put in the series a scene like the scene of Ismail Yassin, and what is its value ?!”, indicating that he understands that Muhammad Ramadan “may not be the one who put it in The series, but he definitely approved it.”

He pointed out that the series, which leads Ramadan and is in the current Ramadan race, has a high viewership, despite his reservations about it, stressing that the director of the series, Muhammad Salama, is very good, but the artist Mohamed Ramadan has a problem..



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