Arrest of a person in Zahle, who set his father on fire after spraying him with diesel, which led to his death – Al-Manar Channel Website – Lebanon


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication: “On 5/9/2021 and at 20:30 in the locality of Al-Hammar – Zahle, I present the guest. U. He was born in 1999, Lebanese, and due to family disputes over his father, called M. U. He was born in 1965, Lebanese, and he sprayed it with diesel and set it on fire, and he soon passed away after 3 hours as a result of suffering third-degree burns.

On 05/10/2021, and as a result of diligent follow-up by the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces, the son was lured to Dahr al-Baidar – Falougha Junction and arrested.

Upon his interrogation, he confessed to what was attributed to him and his drug use, and that he came to his father’s house and beat him as a result of old material disputes between them after the death of his mother in 2019, then he fled after many people attended when they heard the screaming of the victim. He was deposited with the competent judiciary based on his indication.

Source: National Information Agency


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