Apple is preparing to switch to OLED screens in some iPads 2022


The latest reports confirmed Apple’s plans to convert screens in some iPads to OLED panels starting next year.

Apple introduced the 12.9-inch iPad Pro this year with a mini-LED screen, but the latest reports indicate that Apple is moving to support smaller versions of iPads with an OLED screen.

The new details came through an ETNews report published in South Korea, where the report confirmed that Apple plans to use OLED screens in smaller iPads that will be launched in 2022, with the first versions of the iPads that Apple replaces LCD screens, or screens. LCD with mini-LED lighting.

The report also indicates that OLED panels will be offered to iPads from LG and Samsung, as these companies are already working on the production of OLED screens for the upcoming iPhone 13 phones, with Samsung contributing the largest production rate of 65%, while LG supplies 30% of the screens, and BOE contributes By only 5%.

The report also explains the main reasons that push Apple to switch to using OLED screens in iPads, with the aim of supporting devices with higher quality, lighter weight and better design.

It is noteworthy that OLED screens are provided for smartphones in a larger amount of time, while they are offered less for tablets. However, Apple annually produces 50 million units of iPads, so we expect to increase the production of OLED screens during the coming period to accommodate this major transformation in iPads.



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