Apple allows the “Suggestions” feature in the App Store to speed up searches


Started Camel In launching the search suggestions feature in the application store, as this new feature allows users to easily discover applications, the company has currently introduced the feature in Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company reveals that App Store It will try to predict and present suggested words after writing the search term, and the feature will also narrow the search results and speed up the search for a specific type of application.

Upon announcing the feature, the company tweeted: “Submit search suggestions on the App Store! Select (or deselect) multiple suggestions to refine your search so you can find more great apps and games. Search suggestions are coming up today starting in the United States of America, Canada, and the Kingdom. United and Australia. “

Perhaps this new and nifty feature is very easy to use. Suppose you are searching for a specific type of app to learn to meditate. Therefore, now when you type meditation in the App Store search field, you will notice additional words like “game”, “timer”, “music”, and “ sleep “and more, and selecting one of these suggestions will display a filtered result and increase your chances of finding a specific type of application easily.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple was quietly testing the feature earlier and is now rolling it out to all iPhone users, and earlier this week, Apple rolled out the iOS 14.5 update for all iPhone users. The update brings several new features including unlocking iPhone while wearing a mask, application tracking transparency, more than 200 new emoji, 5G support for dual SIM on iPhones, AirTag support and more.


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