Antitokunembo leads Milwaukee to the “Playoff”


Greek giant Yannis Antitokunembo scored 36 points to lead the Bucks to the second victory over Brooklyn Tennis in three days, with a score (124-118), to reach the playoff roles of the NBA. Bucks became the seventh to qualify for the “Playoff” after the Philadelphia 76ers, the Nets, the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets. Bucks achieved his 41st victory this season against 24 defeats to remain third in the Eastern Province, behind Nets II, who fell for the third match in a row.Gro Holiday and Chris Middleton each scored 23 points from the winner’s side, while Brian Forbes scored 14 from the bench.
On the losing side, Kyrie Irving scored 38 points, compared to 32 for Kevin Durant, 12 for Joe Harris and 10 each for Jeff Green and Mike James, in light of the continued absence of the other striker James Harden.

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