Android 12 may include major changes to notifications and widgets


It’s no secret that Google will talk about it Android 12 mature I / O Conference 2021, But it might be clear why you can see the default event. John Prosser Tech front page لديك published The video being watched not only shows the visual renewal leaked in the past, but also hints at some of the new functional changes. Mostly, Android 12 will fix alerts using a kibbutz that tells you how many alerts are waiting and a “pill” on the lock screen shows what you missed.

You’ll also see a host of new tools and buttons, including new weather and clock options.

The rendering may also provide more insights into the reported visual update to Android 12. Above the rounded corners, you’ll see a more fluid look with lots of transitions and effects. It is claimed that Google will focus on providing its stock OS with a level of optimization usually reserved for third-party providers.

There is no guarantee that you will see this while streaming I / O from Google. Comes soon after the Defendant The Pixel 6 leak will include a radical three-tone redesign with a camera bump that stretches across the entire width of the phone – the combined one-to-two leaks are a lot to take care of. But if it’s original, Google will tend to change the look and feel of Android after years of relatively conservative changes.

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