Android 12 allows installing applications from external stores


Google decided, through its upcoming Android 12 system, to break one of its most important protection rules, which prevent Android phone users from installing applications outside of the default company “Play” platform, but they can download those external applications in the form of individual APK files on the side. According to the technical site “xda-developers”, Google had announced in late September of last year that it would make major changes to Android 12, in order to make it easier for system users to run other alternative application stores for “Play” on their devices. And the Android 12 system will allow future Android device owners to install applications from alternative stores to Google Play, including the Galaxy Store, Huawei App Gallery and Amazon App Store, and allow those platforms to also update the application without action from the user.

Although this step reduces the dominance of “Google” over Android devices as the default application platform for the system, and also concedes through it its efforts to implement safety measures to secure and protect its platform from malicious software, it requires third-party application stores to adhere to a group of The rules and conditions must be met before activating the process. The move comes in response to the growing pressure facing the US search giant, from Epic Games and government regulators, as Google confirmed through its annual Google I / O developer conference this year that it is fulfilling its promise to make third-party app stores easier to use on Android 12.

Google indicated through its blog that it will make major changes to the Android operating system 12, and XDA developers search more deeply into the source code for the change, and to find out the details of what these changes will be, as a new method will allow changing the traditional external application installation process, which the user asks for. When installing an app outside of the Play platform, grant it permission before starting the process. By changing the upcoming Android 12, the user will not have to confirm the approval procedure every time when installing an application from other stores manually, however, the user’s action will not be required to install or update an external application if all the conditions that Google imposes on those stores are met to facilitate The process of installing its applications on Android phones, which is as follows:

1. The application being installed must target API level running Android OS 10 or later.

2. Only the installed third-party store is allowed to either update the downloaded application via its platform, or update the application on its platform first and then install it on the Android device.

3. The installer must declare the required Google permission without the need to take any additional action on the part of the user, and updates will be installed automatically.

Thus, when the external application store tries to initiate an installation session and uses this new API, it is possible that the update will be installed automatically without the user having to manually accept the update, and this will make the applications update in batches much faster and make the experience more compatible with the Google store. Play.

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