An artist who surprises everyone by announcing her marriage live .. Who is the groom? (Video)


The Egyptian actress Rania Shehab announced her marriage on the air, during her guest stay on a TV program on a Kuwaiti channel.

Rania said that she had not previously announced her marriage, either through her social media accounts, or through the “Snapchat” application. Rania Shihab confirmed that her marriage took place last February, but she did not hold a wedding yet, nor did she reveal the identity of her husband.

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Rania Shehab is an Egyptian actress living in Kuwait, she started acting in 2010, then stopped for 4 years and returned in 2014.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian actress residing in Kuwait, Rania Shihab, has done many artistic works, most notably “Hatem Siddiq Jassem”, “The Way of the Hades” and “The Handshakes”. She also participates in the current Ramadan drama through the series “Al Namous”.


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