An artist reveals the deletion of her scenes in “The One Who Does Not Kebir” … and the author: Without my knowledge


The young actress, Saba Al-Rafi’i, revealed that a number of her scenes have been deleted, as part of the events of the series “I Maloush Kabir”, which was shown in the elapsed Ramadan race.

Saba wrote through her personal account on the “Facebook” website, commenting on pictures of her work scenes and scenes: “The one who followed the line of Howaida in the one who is not large, I like to say that despite the scenes that have come from the beginning, from the text of the series to the end and are exposed, but the praiseworthy role God has succeeded because I am tired and worked hard on it and because the truth is that he works with the author Amr Yassin, even if the number of his scenes is not much visible, and it will remain in another moment, and every year you are good.
The author of the work, the artist Amr Mahmoud Yassin, commented on Saba’s publication, saying: “Saba, I am very appreciative that you made a great effort in the series, and you presented a very, very good job, and you know that I am at odds with the director who did this from a banner, and for reasons that are not technical but for calculations. Other .. In general, you are a very professional artist and confident of your tools and talent. And God willing, that will be better. “
“Who is Maloush Kabir” is written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, directed by Mustafa Fekry, starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Khaled Al Sawy, Ahmed Al Awadi, Dina Fouad, Donia Abdulaziz, Khaled Sarhan, Mahmoud Amr Yassin, Fattouh Ahmed, Aida Riad, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud.


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