An Argentine study: The “Sputnik V” vaccine has proven effective in fighting the mutated Corona virus in Brazil


Argentine study: a vaccine


The Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine

The Russian Direct Investment Fund confirmed, according to a study conducted by researchers in Argentina, that the “Sputnik V” anti-corona virus vaccine is very effective in fighting the mutated virus that was discovered in Brazil.

The fund said in a statement that “the study confirmed that the immunity developed in people who were vaccinated with” Sputnik v “is able to neutralize the Brazilian strain of the virus after receiving two doses, and even after receiving the first dose.

The study conducted by “Dr. Vanilla Institute of Virology” of the National University (UNC) in Argentina, showed a strong immune response against the mutated virus in Brazil in those who were vaccinated with the “Sputnik v” vaccine.

According to the study, cited by the Russian Investment Fund, 85.5% of individuals who received the Russian vaccine developed antibodies to the mutated virus in Brazil on the 14th day after receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

She noted that this rate had risen to nearly 100% by day 42, after the individual received both doses.

Rogelio Betzi, dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of North Carolina, told Reuters, “The institute’s study showed that the Russian vaccine succeeded in inhibiting the mutated virus in Brazil.”

He added: “The results are excellent … the vaccine works with this strain.”

The mutated “P1” virus has spread to Brazil and throughout Latin America, and has caused the death toll to rise dramatically.

Scientists in Brazil found that mutations of the mutated virus could make it more resistant to antibodies, raising international concern about its ability to make vaccines less effective.

Source: “Reuters”


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