An Arab artist was imprisoned for a year and 60 days for assaulting a citizen


The Tunisian Public Prosecutor announced a sentence that sentenced the young artist Bachir to prison. This came after he attacked a citizen working on highways, which led to his breaking his hand.

The prosecution referred the file to the security team in the Al-Omran area in the capital, where it ordered the artist imprisoned along with two other young men who were involved with him in the case and charged them with using extreme violence against the citizen.

The Tunis Radio website indicated that the verdict served to imprison the accused one year and sixty days. He mentioned that a dispute occurred between two young men and a third young man in one of the shops in the Intilaaqah neighborhood in the capital, Tunis. He stated that the artist intervened to solve the problem between the two parties and that a disagreement occurred as a result of this between him and the third young man, which prompted him to assault him with a baton, where he severely beat him on the hand.

The website added that the victim was transferred to the “Charles Nicole” Hospital in the capital, where he underwent surgery on his hand and it was decided to keep him under medical observation for 20 days.


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