An American probe transports to Earth 60 grams of the most dangerous asteroid rocks


An American probe transports to Earth 60 grams of the most dangerous asteroid rocks


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On Monday, May 10, the American OSIRIS-Rex space mission to an asteroid (Benno) was successfully concluded, from where the probe headed to Earth carrying 60 grams of asteroid soil.

It will take about two years for the probe to return to Earth.

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NASA reported this, saying that the probe carries a container containing soil samples of the asteroid, which is considered to date among the most dangerous asteroids in our solar system, and scientists do not rule out colliding with Earth in the future.

The agency said that the probe will orbit the sun twice and travel a distance of 2.3 billion kilometers before approaching the Earth, then a capsule containing samples of the asteroid soil (Bennu) will be separated from it and will land on the surface of the Earth on September 24, 2023 in a test field in Utah.

After studying the samples, scientists will try to find out how our solar system was formed and the Earth evolved, as a inhabited planet. The samples will first be transported to the “Lyndon Johnson” center, and then NASA will distribute a part of them to various laboratories around the world.

It is reported that the OSIRIS – Rex probe was launched in September 2016 as part of the mission to transport soil samples from the asteroid (Bennu), which NASA considers one of the most dangerous asteroids in the solar system and does not rule out that it collides with Earth in the next century.

As for the asteroid (Bennu), with a diameter of 500 meters, the probe arrived in December 2018, approached it, landed on its surface, and took samples of the asteroid rocks in its northern part.

Source: TASS


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