Always controversial … unforgettable crises and situations in the life of Myriam Fares


Today marks the birthday of the Lebanese artist Myriam Fares The 47th, she was born on May 3, 1983.

Myriam Fares has been famous for many songs such as “Anna and Al-Shawq”, “Hadqo Rahattak”, “Makanah Wayne”, “What Happens”, “Kayfak You” and others, especially the videos that contain show scenes.

Myriam Fares has been subjected to a lot of criticism since her appearance, for deliberately highlighting her charms with her tempting dances and performances in all her works until she was likened to Arab Shakira because she imitated her in the style of dance and clothing. Just.

Myriam Fares is one of the controversial stars, as she entered into a major crisis with the Egyptians and the stars of Egypt after she confirmed that she does not calm down a little except after she apologized.

The second crisis in the life of Myriam Fares, when she was exposed to a serious health problem and there were news that she had cancer, but she denied what was reported about this matter and explained that she was infected with a dangerous virus, but did not reveal any other details.

One of the unforgettable embarrassing situations for Myriam Fares is that she was subjected to harassment from a person during her performance at a concert, where he was looking at her body throughout the ceremony, which led her to embarrass him, saying: “Do not look at me, I am wearing my clothes.”

In 2014, Miriam married the American businessman of Lebanese origins, Danny Mittery, in the presence of only 14 people and in complete secrecy from the media, with whom she had two sons, Jayden and Dave.


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