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Sentinel One – which specializes in IT security – announced the discovery of 5 serious security holes in the operating system for updating firmware (firmware) on many desktop computers, laptops and tablets made by Dell. .

The Information Technology Security Company stated that these security flaws allow hackers to extend their rights as local users of computers, in order to control them, and there is no evidence so far that hackers exploit these security flaws.

However, the user should not wait for his computer to be hacked, but rather he must act according to the following procedures:

Due to the presence of these security vulnerabilities in hundreds of models since 2009 until now, Dell computer owners can search for their devices in two lists prepared by Dell on the company’s website, and by pressing the (Ctrl + F) buttons, it is possible to search for the model name and number. And, if the user finds his model, then the tool provided by the American company must be downloaded and installed on the device, which removes the unsafe driver.

Otherwise, Dell computer owners can remove the driver software via Dell’s Support Help program.

The American company stated that this update wizard will not be available soon, and it also advised that the update wizard be installed and used in all cases, even for users who have removed the insecure driver program by the previously mentioned tool Because through this program the user will obtain a new and safe driver to update the firmware without the risk of installing unsafe drivers again.

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