Al-Taher Bin Jelloun: “Insomnia” and crimes


                The novel approaches the problem of insomnia afflicting millions of people around the world 
    <p>Two years after it was published in French (Gallimard House), the Arabic translation of L'insomnie (Antoine Sarkis-Dar Al-Saqi translation) has finally been published, by the Moroccan-French writer Tahar Ben Jelloun.  The novel is set in Tangiers, about a screenwriter who suffers from the problem of insomnia, and believes that by killing he can solve his problem.  As he turns into a hired killer, to rest in his sleep, and the first victim is his mother, to repeat the rosary and commit various crimes against those around him.  The more important the victim is, the deeper and more comfortable the sleep will be.  In the novel, the imaginary overlaps with reality, and it is no longer possible to distinguish between film crimes that take place in the protagonist's head, and what is presented by reality, within contexts that endure excitement and suspense.  The novel belongs to a black comedy, and the convergence of a problem afflicting millions around the world, and the Moroccan novelist had previously indicated that he was inspired by the idea of ​​the story from a dialogue with an American hired killer who was questioned about his prices.  The novel took two years to write, and it differs in form and content from what he presented before. This time he fought to deal with serious issues in a light way, because according to him, “exaggerating the situation makes it worse than it is.”


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