Al-Riyadh Newspaper | The Chinese missile strengthens the position of the Saudi astronomical societies


The Chinese missile strengthens the position of the Saudi astronomical societies

Chinese space rocket (Reuters)

                <p>Saudi societies specializing in astronomy and space have been active in following the path of the Chinese outer space rocket, which passed at dawn yesterday over regions in the Kingdom, as it was seen in the sky of the Kingdom at an altitude of about 226 kilometers, and the pioneers of social networking sites followed the path of the missile through the accounts of Saudi astronomical societies It proved its ability to monitor and follow up, which made it easy to know the most accurate details and predictions of the missile's path, which has widely raised popular concerns in several regions of the world.

The Afaq Society for Astronomy followed the trajectory of the missile while it was passing over the skies of the Kingdom in the Al-Ula governorate, referring to the video sources that it quoted, and the missile also crossed over the cities of Al-Jawf Sakaka and Makkah, as it was monitored by amateurs while it was outside the atmosphere with smart phones, and transmitted channels specialized in the field of Astronomy was transmitting the event directly on the social networking site (youtube) what were found by astronomers in the Saudi Horizons Astronomy Association.

And about the fall of the Chinese missile, the Society reported what was reported by the Chinese Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, after monitoring and analysis, about the return of the debris of the last stage of the Long March 5B launch vehicle to the atmosphere and the fall area, located at longitude 72.47 degrees east and 2.65 degrees north latitude over the Maldives approximately .

To that, those interested in astronomy called for the promotion of astronomy, praising the activities of the Saudi astronomical societies that are active in social networking sites, stressing to “Riyadh” that the presence of these societies is beneficial to the Kingdom’s practical standing, especially in global events such as the Chinese missile event.

It is noteworthy that tens of thousands of Saudis followed the event of the missile strike by monitoring the Saudi associations that were able to cover the event and analyze it scientifically.



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