Al-Hilal Club News: “FIFA” makes its final decision in Gabriel’s complaint against Al-Hilal Club


Gabriel – Corinthians

Saudi 360 – The Dispute Resolution Chamber of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) has officially decided, Monday, its decision in the complaint of the Brazilian Marquinhos Gabriel of the Kunthians player against club Crescent moon.

“FIFA” does justice to Hilal in Gabriel’s case

Turki Al-Misnad, former professional manager at Nadi, confirmed Crescent moon, On his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, saying: “The decision of the Dispute Resolution Chamber in FIFA was issued regarding the player Gabriel with Al-Hilal in 2019, as the operative decision came to reject the player’s case.”

He added, “This decision undoubtedly proved the correctness of the procedures that were taken, for which I was responsible at the time. I did not become accustomed to tweeting about such topics, except that some of the abuse prompted me otherwise.”

Brino Tanuri, Gabriel’s lawyer, was a management student Crescent moon By paying financial compensation, after Al-Zaeem’s officials withdrew from completing his move.

I preferred to manage a club Crescent moon Hiring Colombian Gustavo Cuellar, who she acquired from Brazilian Flamengo at the end of August 2019, to replace Gabriel.

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