Al-Ansar mission leaves to Jordan


The mission of Al-Ansar Sports Club left the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan yesterday morning, to participate in the AFC Cup in Group Two, whose matches are fought according to the grouping system, which includes it alongside clubs: Al-Salt of Jordan, Balata Palestinian Center, and Muharraq Bahrain.

The mission headed by a member of the board of directors, the club’s director, Abbas Hassan, members of the technical and administrative staff, and the media official, Jihad Mahjoub: the team manager, Robert Gasbert: technical director, Kevork Kara Betian: assistant coach, Nabil Baalbaki: assistant coach, Sultan Qasim: coach Goalkeepers, Hassan Barakat: a fitness coach, Jalal Al-Natour: a doctor, Muhammad Faris: a physical therapist, Khalil Moussa: a masseur,
Nashat Al-Shamaa: Equipment Officer, Bilal Al-Maghribi: Administrative Assistant, Fadi Maraq: Club Photographer.
The team included the players: Nazih Asaad, Hassan Mughniyeh, Hadi Mortada, Moataz Billah Al-Junaidi, Anas Abu Saleh, Hussein Al-Durr, Hassan Shaito “Shabrico”, Nassar Nassar, Hassan Bitar, Youssef Anbar, Hassan Gaafrani, Ghazi Hanina, Abbas Atwi “Onika” Jihad Ayoub, Nader Matar, Hassan Shaito “Moni”, Youssef Barakat, Mahmoud Kajk, Ahmed Hegazy, Omar Bahlawan, Karim Darwish and Hassan Maatouk.
The team will play its first match on Friday May 21, 2021, at eight and five minutes, at King Abdullah II Stadium in Amman. Thursday, the twenty-seventh, with a match against Al-Muharraq, Bahrain, at four in the afternoon. The Ansar mission returns at the end of May to Beirut. Subscribe to «News» on YouTube Here


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