Airlines: Notification of new procedures for travelers to the Kingdom of Bahri


10:04 PM

Monday 24th May 2021

Books – Muhammad Obaid:

Airlines operating at Cairo International Airport have received a notification containing new instructions regarding travelers from Egypt to the Kingdom of Bahrain, as part of measures to confront the emerging corona virus.

The notification, which airlines operating at Cairo and Egyptian airports received, and began to apply as of Monday, that the Kingdom of Bahrain has set new conditions for travel to it, which is the necessity for all passengers traveling to it to have received the two doses of the Coronavirus vaccine approved by the World Health Organization.

And the notification continued, also that travelers from Cairo to the Kingdom of Bahrain are allowed to travel there, in the event that they receive one dose of the Corona vaccine as well, but the requirement to conduct a negative PCR test is valid before the date of the flight, provided that he is isolated inside the Kingdom upon arrival in the authorized hotels. By the authorities, according to the isolation period prescribed by the World Health Organization.


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