Ahmed Saad reveals the secrets of the marriage scene of Sumaya al-Khashab and Muhammad Ramadan – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Egyptian artist Ahmed Saad revealed the scenes of his appearance in the marriage scene of Sumaya al-Khashab and Muhammad Ramadan within the events of the series “Moussa”, which caused a sensation on social media.

In an audio recording of one of the programs, Ahmed Saad thanked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and said, “I want to thank my dear friend, Muhammad Ramadan, that he made me happy for Sumaya and I would be upset if I hadn’t intended me on a very happy occasion like this. When he called me, I would like to sing and I agreed immediately.”

As for the viewers’ reactions, Ahmed Saad said that the scene caused a lot of noise and the reactions were very funny and made him happy even if it affected him because of his relationship with Sumaya al-Khashab.

He continued, “I see people amused and certainly surprised the situation. I was also amazed.”

Regarding the scenes of the scene, Ahmed Saad explained that the day was sweet and bitter in peace. I met Somaya and greeted her and greeted me and we shouted and laughed, but I was surprised that she said about my presence, Rizk and his generation ..

Regarding the photos that Sumaya al-Khashab published after the episode was shown, and it caused a stir because the audience linked it to his appearance, he said, “There are no movements from below to below.”

And he added, “I do not think about this way, I think in a practical way. I am addressing for now and I love my fiancée, and I do not have disagreements with Sumaya, so the movements from the bottom to the bottom are blush.”

The wedding scene of the artist Sumaya al-Khashab and the artist Muhammad Ramadan, in the series Musa, which was revived by the singer Ahmed Saad, became the talk of the hour through the media platforms, after each of them published photos from the scenes of the wedding hours before the episode was shown.

The Twitter pioneers launched a new hashtag titled “Sumaya El Khashab”, coinciding with the spread of pictures of her wedding from artist Mohamed Ramadan. A large number of “Twitter” singers interacted with the hashtag and were keen to comment through many “satirical comics”.

Ahmed Saad and Sumaya al-Khashab had previously married in October 2017, and they separated in March 2019 after a marriage that lasted about 18 months, and after that they exchanged offensive statements.



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