Ahmed Jamal reveals the scenes of the last scene song in “Choice 2”


And “Ahmed Jamal” expressed his happiness to participate for the second time in “Selection seriesIn the first part, he presented a patriotic song titled “We Are Not Toua Haddad” from the words of Muhammad Tariq, and the distribution of Elhamy Dahima and Ahmed Hussam, and it was a gift from him to the spirit of the martyr Ahmed Al-Mansi, and all the martyrs from the Egyptian soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland.

“Jamal” revealed that this year’s song “We Are Not Tawa Haddad 2” witnessed many differences, and carried messages with many important meanings, indicating that it did not take a long time to compose it, but rather finished the process of preparing and implementing it in less than 48 hours only. .

The Egyptian artist explained that he deliberately participated in the participation of all groups of society, including elders, priests, children, and families, representing all sects. Egyptian People, Army men, police, doctors and the sons of martyrs in the process of filming the song in Tahrir SquareTo send a strong message that the Egyptian people are in the heart of one man, and with our army and police against the people of evil, and to emphasize the rejection of extremism and terrorism and the unity and solidarity of society, in a way that confirms the cohesion of the people.

And about the participation of the heroes of the first and second parts of “the choiceIn the song, Ahmed Jamal pointed out that they intended to reach the true meaning of the song and serve as a gift to the army and police men who sacrifice themselves for the country, indicating that new words were added to the same melodies composed by Ahmed Hassan Raoul, and distributed by Yahya Youssef.

At the end of his conversation with Sky News Arabia, he announced his surprise on Eid al-Fitr, which was the release of a new song entitled “An Unfinished Time” from the words of Amir Toaima and composed by Aziz Al Shafei, and distributed by Ahmed Abdel Salam.


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