Ahmed Helmy surprises the audience by changing his marital status on Facebook to “married”


Ahmed Helmy Mona Zaki

The series “Newton’s Game” by the Egyptian star Mona Zaki has been a case of great controversy since the beginning of the Ramadan show, especially with the strange character presented by Zaki and the struggle you are experiencing between the artists Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohamed Farrag.

Commenting on the case of Zaki’s choice in the series for a second husband, the artist Ahmed Helmy changed his social status on his personal account on Facebook, to “married,” and the surprise is that his current wife Mona Zaki posted a screen shot of Ahmed Helmy’s new condition and requested an explanation from “The Expected Bride” “She is the famous doll of Apple Fajita.

Mona Zaki published a picture of her husband Ahmed Helmy’s new marital status through the Alasturi feature on her Instagram account, and sent him a message saying: Can an explanation, be aware of having a relationship with the subject, with a crown for the official account of the doll Fajita on Instagram.

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Abla Fajita did not comment on Mona Zaki’s post, and Ahmed Helmy has not yet revealed the reason for changing his social status and whether he did it in order to cuddle his fans on social media, or as part of a plan to promote a new artistic work.

It is noteworthy that Helmy recently revealed the deadline for the release of his new film, stressing that its filming will begin immediately after the end of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday and that it will be shown within the Eid Al-Adha 2021 film season.

Screenwriter Tamer Habib has previously revealed his agreement with the star Mona Zaki and her husband, artist Ahmed Helmy, on the idea of ​​the first artistic work that will bring them together, after the absence of 18 years of cooperation between them since the introduction of the movie “Sohar Al Layali”, but Tamer has not decided the fate of the project, wishing it to be completed. In a sign of the failure of several previous projects, the couple were to be reunited.

A screenshot
A screenshot


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