Ahmed Helmy changes his status on Facebook to “married”, and Mona Zaki asks, can you explain?


05/05 20:42

07:39 PM | Wednesday 05 May 2021

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After marrying her husband .. Mona Zaki in the Newton game: She changed his name from “Zumi” to “Abu Ibrahim”

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Mona mocked her husband’s post, where she commented, addressing a question, “Can you explain?”

The actress Mona Zaki starred in this Ramadan dramatic season in her starring in the series “Newton’s Game”, which has achieved wide views on the level of Egypt and the Arab world, as its events take place in an interesting and dramatic social context.

Weeks ago, the scene of the birth of the actress Mona Zaki in the series “Newton’s Game” caused a sensation among the followers, who were affected by the scene, especially since “Mona” embodies the role of the character “Here” with impressive details that attracted the attention of viewers as if they were living the situation.

The company contributing to the production of the series “Newton’s Game” revealed the scenes of filming the scene of the birth of the artist Mai Zaki, as she published some pictures through the comics feature of her official account on the application of exchanging photos and videos “Instagram”.


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