Ahmed El-Sakka publishes a new photo from “Al-Sirab” revealing the name of his character | news


The date for the screening of the movie “Al-Sirb” has not yet been decided, but actor Ahmed El-Sakka the audience longed for him.

Al-Sakka posted a picture of him buried under the dirt through his Instagram account, and a writer commented: “Al-Masry … Ali Al-Masry.”

Al-Sakka said in a telephone interview on the “Final Word” program presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on “ON” channel last February after the release of the film’s advertisement: “Let me take advantage of the commemoration of the martyrdom of 21 Copts in the Sirte incident committed by ISIS and express my condolences to all the families of the martyrs.

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The artist continued: The swarm movie will be beautiful and it is made with great craftsmanship and a long fictional character, and the role of art is to document events if they are economic, political, or social, or as happened in the war conditions against terrorism, which was a real war, and it is enough that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi at that time promised retribution and did not pass 24 hours until the planes set out at dawn to crush terrorist training centers in Libya and ISIS ammunition depots, and the film documents this incident. ”

It is noteworthy that the movie “Al Sarab” starring Ahmed El Sakka, Mona Zaki, Qusay Khouli, Sherif Mounir, Diab, and a group of guests of honor, including Aser Yassin, Mahmoud Abdel Moghni, Karim Fahmy and Ahmed Hatem, and written by Omar Abdel Halim, directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and produced by Synergy.

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