Ahed Ibn Ahlam became a handsome young man … and stars flirt with him! (photo)


Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi has published, through her official account on the “Instagram” application, a new picture of her eldest son, Fahid, expressing her pride in him with poignant words..

And she wrote: “Lord made you happy and happy, and your years happy and Lord, and made my Lord mock the angels of heaven and the soldiers of the earth and the good of His righteous servants, and your luck grows and makes you a thing, O Most Merciful every year.“.

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Many stars from the Arab world commented on the picture of Fahd, so the Saudi journalist, Jane Omran, wrote: “In the name of God, our son, may God protect him, and your heart always rejoices in his successes and achievements.“.

The artist Latifa Al-Tunisi said: “May God protect him and preserve him, Lord my love. My heart has grown, God willing. I am the first alone to sing in its joy. I am with you.“.

The Egyptian actress Angham wrote: “God preserves him, makes your heart happy, and shows him the best of people, Lord.”


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