Against fracture .. Nelly Karim sells her house to solve the crisis of her sister, Tara Emad, in the issue of parentage


Salma – Nelly Karim, ended her travel trip after receiving the video of the incident from Iyad – Louai Omran during the events of episode 26 of the series “Antaksar”, which is broadcast on cbc channel, throughout the month of Ramadan, and she went to her mother’s house and reassured Laila, her younger sister, to She will solve this crisis without her sister suffering any harm.

Salma – Nelly Karim sells her new home and gives the king of her sister – Tara Imad, the money to give to Salah – Mustafa Darwish to solve her crisis, and Karim – Muhammad Farraj goes to Iyad – Loua Omran and gives him the contract to sell the land of El Gouna to solve the crisis of Salma – Nelly Karim and her sister, and Iyad scan the video Karim – Muhammad Farraj gave “Flash” with another copy of the video on it. As for Maya – Senita Khalifa, she decides to travel, and reveals to Iyad – Louay Omran, her knowledge of all that he did with her inheritance, and that he had obtained all her rights without her knowledge.

Salma – Nelly Karim asked for help from her ex-husband, Karim – Muhammad Farraj, in solving this crisis that she and her younger sister Laila are facing, especially since Iyad – Loua Omran negotiated with her by scanning the video in exchange for the land of El Gouna that Karim – Muhammad Farraj obtained from his father, and Karim did not show any response With Salma, she left the office, angry with Karim, and asked him not to help her with anything and that she would find money for Salah and Iyad to end the crises of her sisters.

Nelly Karim embodies during the events of the series the character of “Salma”, a creator of special content for cooking, through social networking sites, and suffers from the recklessness of her husband and the multiplicity of his whims and his female relationships, which creates disagreement and problems between them permanently, and always tries to distance him from his bad habit, so the events take place within the framework of Interesting social.

It is noteworthy that the series starring Nelly Karim, Muhammad Farraj, Mustafa Darwish, Hisham Ismail, Liqaa al-Khamisi and Hamza al-Ali, written by Amr al-Dali and directed by Ahmed Khaled, and a joint production between Synergy and Al-Adl Group.

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