Against fire and breakage … Huawei’s phone has survived the toughest tests


During the clip, the famous blogger Zack Nelson exposed the external phone screen to a lighter fire for about 30 seconds, so no signs of burning appeared on the screen and continued its work normally, but when he exposed the internal flexible phone screen to fire for more than 10 seconds, it showed burn marks, but it also worked smoothly without To be affected.

During tests on the resistance of phone screens to scratches, the blogger smashed the external screen with a sharp tool, so the screen showed resistance to scratches of the sixth degree, while the protective layer of the internal flexible screen showed less resistance, but the latter was not affected and not scratched when exposed to grains of sand, and the work of the joints designated for folding was not affected by the structure.

The blogger tried to scratch the protective glass of the phone’s cameras using a sharp blade, but the glass was not actually affected, even when the blogger tried to bend the phone with both hands to test the durability of its structure, so the phone body was not subjected to any significant deformations and showed excellent durability.


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