After turning it into a vaccination center, “Disneyland” Paris reopens its doors to visitors


After being transferred to a vaccination center ..


“Disneyland” parks announced that they will reopen their doors to visitors in “Disneyland” Paris after a year and a half of closure due to the Corona pandemic, starting from next June 17, “within a specified capacity.”

“We are pleased to announce that Disneyland Paris will reopen on June 17th with Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Newport Bay Club and Disney Village .. We look forward to welcoming you again,” the announcement posted on Twitter. In the heart of magic. ”

According to the announcement, the reopening of the park “will be followed by health and safety-enhancing measures, which include limiting the number of visitors permitted to enter, imposing social distancing measures, placing more than 2,000 hand-sterilization stations around the park and imposing the wearing of masks on workers and visitors.”

Disneyland closed its doors in March 2020, after the general closure imposed in France, to reopen after a few months in July. But the second national shutdown forced Disneyland to close again on October 29th.

Last March, the French government decided to convert “Disneyland” into a center for vaccination against the Corona virus.

Source: GMA


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