After the Turkish Ships Stop Working Generators … Precautionary Measures for “Electricity Lebanon”


The Lebanese Electricity Corporation announced in a statement, “At about 8 am today, the Turkish ships in the Zouk and Jiyyeh factories stopped all their reverse generators, which led to a decrease in the total production capacities available on the Lebanese electrical network by about 240 megawatts. Some of the production groups in the reverse engine factories in Zouk and Jiyyeh, raising the capacity of the old Zouk plant, and placing a production group in the Tire Thermal Factory, which will provide an additional 130 megawatts on the network, as compensation for part of the shortfall caused by the suspension of all Turkish production groups.

The statement continued: “The EDL, in response to its previous statement on 5/6/2021, was obliged to take precautionary measures by reducing its production capacities in production plants in proportion to the fuel stock available to it and in order to maintain the electrical supply for the longest possible period, until the decision Regarding the appeal presented in Law No. 215/2021 (the law granting the EDL a treasury advance of 300 billion pounds to secure its fuel needs). It should also be noted that if the necessary funds allocated to the institution from the treasury for the year 2021 are secured, the corporation hopes that tenders will be resumed. Buying fuel for its benefit, especially gas, its primary source, and helping to secure hard currencies for its production, transportation and distribution sectors, including the necessity to perform the necessary maintenance and purchase spare parts and consumables needed for its various production plants, to ensure a minimum level of stability in the supply of electric current in Lebanon.


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