After the decline, gold prices in Syria begin to rise again


Gold prices in Syria recorded a new high, today, Monday, May 2, after the noticeable decline in the past weeks, which coincided with the decline in the exchange rate.

The selling price of a 21-karat gram of gold was 144 thousand Syrian pounds, and the purchase price was 143 thousand and 500 Syrian pounds, according to The Bulletin Official issued today by the “Craft Association for Handcraft and Jewelry Making in Damascus”.

While Record The selling price of 21-caliber grams on the first of this month is 140,000, meaning 4,000 Syrian pounds rose within two days.

The selling price of a 21-carat gram of gold on the black market was 152,575 pounds, and the purchase price of it was 148,132 Syrian pounds, according to the site “The lira today“Specialized in gold and exchange rates.

The price of gold in Syria is affected by the global gold price.Gold“Which monitors gold prices globally, the price of an ounce of gold rose from 1768 dollars yesterday, Sunday, to 1779 dollars today, Monday.

Gold prices are also affected by the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Syrian pound, as the Syrian pound witnessed an improvement in the month of April, and on April 19 it reached 2990 Syrian pounds per dollar, but it returned to decline, as economists interviewed by Enab Baladi expected , So that the exchange rate becomes 3100 sales, 3000 purchases, according to the site “The lira today“.

Citizens in areas controlled by the Syrian regime complain about the high prices of goldsmithing, due to the difference between the official gold prices and its market price.

According to what Enab Baladi monitored, the fee for making one gram of gold reaches 20,000 Syrian pounds.

The Goldsmiths Association sets the gold prices in Syria and is responsible for managing the goldsmiths sector in the country, but many craftsmen do not adhere to its official publication.

And circulated The association in February of this year, citizens must not buy any gold piece except according to the pricing issued by it.

According to the circular, a complaint can be submitted to the association or the Supply Directorate about any craftsman selling at a price higher than the association’s price, “to take legal measures and close the shop.”


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