After the death of Prince Philip .. Watch how Prince Harry was received at the funeral


After the death of Prince Philip, the relationship between Prince Harry and his family is still tense, and it occupies a follower of the news of the British royal family.In this context, the British royal affairs expert, Charlie Ray, revealed that the two princes, Charles and William, decided to boycott Prince Harry after the television interview she had with him and his wife Megan Markle, the media Oprah Winfrey, according to (her).

He said in this context: “I think that Charles and William will boycott Harry because they consider that he has gone too far and crossed the red line .. and it seems that the dispute between William and Harry will not be resolved.”He continued: “I do not think that Charles and William will extend their hands towards Harry again, and according to my information, the latter was shocked by the tepid reception he received from some members of the royal family during the funeral of Prince Philip.”

He mentioned that some of these people had turned their backs on him, and added that he did not expect all this stalemate and that he would turn his back in turn for his previous life and move forward.

And he commented that the prince may have felt nostalgic for this life, but the nature of the reception made him change his mind, and this report contradicts another report published by the same newspaper earlier and indicated that a reconciliation session took place between the prince and his older brother.


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