After the attack on her for attending and dancing at a wedding after Samir Ghanem’s funeral … this is how Yusra responded (video)


Actress Yousra closed the comments feature on her recent post through her official account on the Instagram website, after being criticized by followers, after attending a wedding on Friday evening, after returning from the funeral ceremony of the late star Samir Ghanem..

A video of her dancing alongside the artist Amr Diab at the wedding was published.

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Yousra’s last post was through her Instagram account A picture collected by the late and commented on it: “My friend, my beloved, and the beloved of all. Donia and Amy and Dalal Qadir heal O Karim. ”

The appearance of a number of stars in the artistic community at a wedding ceremony in the Fifth Settlement after their participation in Samir Ghanem’s funeral, which took place on the same morning, sparked a wave of criticism.

Among these stars were Yusra, Ilham Shaheen, and Laila Elwi.


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