After his suffering with Corona in silence … the artist Bassem Yakhour preaches his fans – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Syrian artist, Basem Yakhour, confirmed that he had recovered from the Corona virus, after announcing a few days ago that he had been infected.

Yakhour posted a picture on his official account on Instagram, in which he said: “My loved ones, I am fine and my affairs are good, and I have recovered completely. Thank you from the heart for all your concern and love.”

The Syrian artist had published a picture of him on Facebook, in which he appeared while he was in an isolation hospital, to receive treatment from the emerging corona virus – Covid 19, to surprise his friends and fans with his journey of suffering with the virus after he had recently recovered from it.

And Bassem Yakhour appeared, in the picture, while he was receiving an oxygen tube breathing session, and he carried a message of thanks to everyone who supported him in this health malaise, whose details were kept secret, as he commented: “From my heart, thank you for standing with me. A big thank you to my friend and brother Rami Shadideh. If you don’t, I would not be present today. ”



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