After his controversial remarks .. Amr Mostafa: I decided to work in silence


05:42 PM

Tuesday 04 May 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

Composer Amr Mostafa was keen to send a message to his colleagues in the artistic field after his statements, which caused widespread controversy in the past few days.

“Mustafa” wrote, through his account on the “Instagram” site: “A message to all of my fellow composers, authors and distributors of the artistic community, I give you all the respect and appreciation.”

And he continued: “In the Sibylist episode, I stated that you are all better than me .. Please it is not an order not to put my name or picture into it.”

He added, “I have chosen to work in silence, singing or composing. We all want to make fine music to raise the public taste, and I repeat it all of you better than me.”

Amr Mustafa said many controversial statements during his meeting with the program “The Divination”, with the presenter Basma Wahba, most notably describing himself as the composer No. 1 in the Arab world, and Amr Diab’s feeling jealous of him and his refusal to enter the singing career as a singer.

Amr Mostafa via Facebook


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